Episode 2 of The Crew 2’s American Legends is now available

A second episode for the fifth season of The Crew 2’s Motorflix series went live recently with more American Legends action. Following the opening episode of the fifth season back on 16th March, Episode 2 of American Legends brings a whole slew of new stories to play through.

As it was in the first episode, the second come included with more vehicle drops, additional LIVE Summits and additional rewards such as vanity items in this latest Motorpass.

American Legends: Episode 2 

Like it was in the last episode, two new Stories will be unveiled with rewards every week for eight weeks. Besides the car content, there will also be 48 new vanity items to collect and equip.

The theme still focuses on uncovering American Legends, where you’ll get clues from the archivist to solve puzzles and discover the treasures hidden throughout the map. A 1966 Pontiac GTO is on the table to unlock in this episode, as is a Kawasaki Z1000 ABS.

New Motorpass tiers: Season 5 Episode 2 

Alongside the new challenges, you can earn XP, helping to unlock Motorpass tiers, which in turn will unlock new vanity items and vehicles. Of course, adding on the optional Premium Tier Motorpass will get you the opportunity to unlock even more.

If you are looking to get the Premium, a pack of 100,000 credits costs £7.99/$9.99.

In total, there are 50 tiers of content, 19 of which are free. Tier 25 is a free tier which will yield a Proto Lucky-One vehicle.

The rest are all premium and will unlock some premium content, such as a BMW Roadster Stellar Edition in Tier 1, a Chevrolet Camaro SS Bend Edition in Tier 13m and a KTM X-Bow GT4 Raw Edition in Tier 37.

LIVE Summit updates 

As with every major update for The Crew 2, new LIVE Summits will be available in the game. A LIVE Summit is a series of events where you compete for online leaderboard supremacy. At the end of each Summit, you will be awarded prizes based upon your overall finishing position. 

The first one up is called Forbidden Times and it is a free summit to partake in. The second one will be a Premium LIVE Summit and the Dodge Challenger R/T Riff Edition is available as a Platinum reward.

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