Drive Ingolstadt’s finest in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races

Drive Ingolstadt’s finest in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races

Premium build quality. Bauhaus design. Nose-heavy handling. Let’s roll out all the automotive journalist stereotypes for this week’s GT Sport Daily Races. 

You see, in all three events, you can drive an Audi. From a modern classic TT to the current R8 GT3 race car, the four rings proudly adorn the facias of said vehicles, representing the merger of Auto Union and NSU in 1969. 

The thing is, sometimes, stereotypes do exist for a reason. Non-mid-engine Audis do tend to understeer, feature high perceived build quality and the first-generation TT at least, did feature a Teutonic design that seemed to emanate from a renowned German design school. 

As time passes, it’s this unique styling that – to me, anyway – marks out the TT as a future collector’s item. With the future of the coupe in the balance as the German manufacturer most likely tries to squeeze in yet another electric SUV into its line-up, soak up these latest Daily Races as a reminder of a time when Audi had two sportscars in production simultaneously. 

GT Sport Daily Races 21st June 2021

The first race does indeed feature the said first-generation TT in the later 3.2 VR6 quattro variant which was one of the first-ever production cars to use the now lauded DSG double-clutch gearbox. Your venue is the hilariously titled Broad Bean (BB) Raceway which is a small four-corner circuit that is one-third oval. 

Audi TT 2003 DSG quattro 3.2 VR6

Next up is the glorious Autódromo de Interlagos in Brazil, the current home to the Brazilian Grand Prix and a venue that has been witnessed many iconic F1 moments. You won’t be recreating these during this online ranked race, but you will be trying the quell the understeer if you select the Gr.4 TT as its front-wheel-drive layout requires a unique driving style. 

The last race available this week is at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for 10 laps in any Gr.3 machinery that you have in your garage. We’re going for the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car here so we can savour the naturally aspirated V10 engine before such a thing is outlawed. 

Full details of each race are below, and the playlist will next reset on Monday 28th June 2021. Don’t forget that the FIA GT Championships 2021 World Series events are also underway and the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event will be on the 23rd June.

Race A 

Car: N200 Audi TT Coupe 3.2 quattro ’03
Track: Broad Bean Raceway
Laps: 10
No. Of Cars: 12 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Sports Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Grid Start

Race B 

Car: Gr.4, any 
Track: Autódromo de Interlagos
Laps: Four
No. Of Cars: 16 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Racing Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Rolling Start

Race C 

Car: Gr.3, any
Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Laps: 10
No. Of Cars: 20 
Duration: 25 Minutes 
Tyres: Racing Medium or Racing Soft, mandatory use of both
Fuel Consumption: 2x 
Tyre Wear: 8x 
Start Type: Rolling Start

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