Dave Cam’s Zero to Hero – Week 10, GR86 at Zandvoort

Dave Cam’s newest series on Traxion.GG is called Zero to Hero for 2023 iRacing Season 2. How high can Dave finish from the back of the pack?
Dave Cam's Zero to Hero - Week 10, GR86 at Zandvoort

Dave Cam returns this week for Dave Cam’s Zero to Hero series! After Piers Prior tagged in last week in the Fixed Ferrari at Spa, Dave is ready to charge to the front from the back of the grid. The arena is Circuit Park Zandvoort, and Dave’s chariot this week is the Toyota GR86 Cup car.

Since its release, the Toyota GR86 series has become a more popular series on the official racing calendar. This car is more of a beginner’s car, but it still has character that makes these races fun. Coincidentally, Zandvoort is one of those tracks that oozes passing zones, so this could be a recipe for fun… or disaster.

As usual, Dave is starting as far back as he can, which today places him in the 15th starting spot of 20 drivers. As Dave puts it in his intro, it will be about having the right amount of aggression to get as many spots on the opening lap as to not lose the leaders. You can’t be too aggressive though, or you may end up out of it.

These races are 15 minutes long with rolling starts… and things have the ability to get crazy at any point, even under pacing. This 2.67-mile, 4.30-kilometer course in The Netherlands will only offer up eight laps of racing in the time given, but those eight laps are as intense as ever, especially the first one with all those elbows out.

How high up the order can Dave make it today? Be sure to stay until the end to see the highlights as well! Check out our Traxion.GG website and YouTube page for even more Dave Cam content, as well as our other videos on other games, equipment and what not. As always… keep it pinned!

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