Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series – Week 3, F4 at Imola

In Dave Cam’s new Done & Dusted series, Dave is aiming to master a variety of racing disciplines. Will his iRating go up or down after 12 weeks?
Dave Cam's Done & Dusted Series - Week 3, F4 at Imola

Two types of racing machines have been done and dusted already in Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series for 2023 iRacing Season 3. With the GT3 and FF1600 already used up, Dave will have to find a different car and series to take on for Season 3’s Week 3.

Remember, in this series, once Dave uses a particular type of car, that’s it. Done and dusted. He’ll need to find something else to take on, and he can’t run any of those cars back. The challenge is to gain iRating through it all, and after two weeks of races in cars that fit his driving style, he’s up 106 iRating points so far.

Week 3 will see Dave get one of the types of vehicles he’s not too keen on – the racecar formerly known as the iRacing iR-04 (now the FIA F4) – but at a track he’s fond of, that being the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, or Imola for short.

In today’s FIA Formula 4 Challenge Fixed event, Dave is the number 4 car, which means he’s one of the top rated drivers, Dave is starting in sixth position. His iRating gain will be minimal, if any from here, so he’s going to have to buck up and gain some spots. Can Dave continue his gain of iRating for a third straight week?

Make sure to watch until the end to see how Dave fares around the 4.909-kilometer (3.050-miles) circuit in Italy. As always, don’t forget to check out Traxion.GG website and YouTube for even more Dave Cam content, as well as everything else we’ve got in the realm of racing games and esports. Keep it pinned!

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