Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series – Week 2, FF1600 at Lime Rock

In Dave Cam’s new Done & Dusted series, Dave is aiming to master a variety of racing disciplines. Will his iRating go up or down after 12 weeks?
Dave Cam's Done & Dusted Series - Week 2, FF1600 at Lime Rock

Thanks to the community, Dave Cam has a new name for his new weekly series here on Traxion.GG—Done & Dusted. The premise is for Dave to go out and gain iRating over the entirety of 2023 Season 3, but with one caveat—Dave must choose a different racing discipline every time.

Last week, when the series was still unnamed, Dave ran the Ferrari GT3 at Watkins Glen. He finished well enough to earn 44 iRating points, starting the series off strong, but it also means he can’t get back into any GT3 car for the rest of the challenge.

Today, Dave is going for some open-wheel racing with the Ray Race Cars Formula 1600, taking on the twists and turns at Lime Rock Park. He may be starting from the pole, but he needs to make it out of the first corner alive with about a dozen hungry drivers all looking for a gap off the line.

So far in the series, it’s been positive, but with all of the different disciplines ahead, who knows what will happen if he has to go dirt racing, jump into a NASCAR vehicle or take on Rallycross during the season. The last 10 weeks are still up in the air.

Will Dave continue his iRating gain with a good finish again this week? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. This week’s race is only 12 minutes so don’t blink or you’ll miss it! As always, don’t forget to check out Traxion.GG website and YouTube for even more content, especially everything we’ve got for Dave.

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