Dave Cam’s Combo of the Week – Skip Barber at Nordschleife – 2022 iRacing Season 3, Week 10

We’ve got another Dave Cam feature today on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel. For 2022 iRacing Season 3, we’ve been letting Dave pick out his favorite combinations of car and tracks for his new series, Dave Cam’s Combo of the Week.

Foregoing his usual Track Guides that we’ve seen in past iRacing seasons, Dave instead takes the time to look at the official iRacing schedule to see what might provide the most fun on a week-by-week basis. This week, Dave is racing in iRacing’s Skip Barber Racing Series, utilising the Skip Barber Formula 2000.

The track is the Nürburgring Nordschleife, specifically the Industriefahrten version per iRacing’s track classifications. There are only three laps in the event, but in the slower Skippys, this is essentially a 25 minute race with lap times over eight minutes apiece. While there are plenty of technical aspects to the Nordschleife, there will be a ton of drafting in these open wheel race cars as well!

Dave is starting as far back as possible, but not many of his opponents have qualified either. With Dave in the seventh highest iRating in the top split server, he’ll start in ninth and look to avoid the chaos by starting mid-pack. How high up can Dave get in the running order? You’ll have to tune in and watch!

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