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CSR Racing 2 adds Ken Block’s “Hoonipigasus” Porsche in latest update

CSR Racing 2 adds Ken Block's "Hoonipigasus" Porsche in latest update

Ken Block’s new Pikes Peak Hill Climb car from 2022, the ‘Hoonipigasus’ Porsche SVRSR, is now available in CSR Racing 2.

Ken Block’s famed ‘Hoonipigasus’ is now a part of the mobile gaming title CSR Racing 2 as of Wednesday (21st December 2022). In the same collaboration between the two entities, this is just the latest Hoonigan addition to the popular handheld racing title.

The purpose-built pink Porsche SVRSR was tricked out for a run up the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June of 2022. Unfortunately, after a failure on the 1400bhp mid-engine AWD beast, Block was forced to resign from the competition, unable to qualify.

Still, this magnificent specimen of a hill climb car is definitely a looker, complete with the popular aero kit seen on many Pikes Peak Hill Climb machines.

The livery is a riff on Porsche’s famous Pink Pig livery, hence the ‘pig’ part of the name. With Mobil 1 sponsorship along for the ride, no doubt it combines the pegasus part of the name from that.

Per the social posting from the CSR Racing 2 account, players can get their hands on the car and also partake in the Hoonpigasus Track Challenge live event.

This comes less than two months since the last piece of Ken Block content on the title, the Electrikhana Audi being the most recent back in October.

The free-to-play title is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play market for Android users. This Ken Block content update is available now as of 21st December.


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