Competition system release (!) and December build update for rFactor 2


Finally, the day has arrived. rFactor 2 have (after teasing for about 2 years) released the first iteration of their new competition platform designed to improve the ease of access into multiplayer sessions for users.

For many years… in fact, since the days of the original rFactor… it has always been somewhat of a challenge to race online. You needed to have all of the right mods, content etc. on your system. Even if you managed to do that because there historically hasn’t been any ranking or progression then choosing an active server has been a bit hit and miss. Your best option since 2005 was joining an actively organised league.

Well, today is the day that you should (in theory) now be able to get the multiplayer experience that so many other games have been enjoying for years. The overall aim for the developers is to ease the process of getting into competitive racing and esports.

Credit: Studio 397

Now of course, no one is really expecting it to be perfect from day one and the developers themselves state that they are taking a “cautious and regimented approach” to the system. So here’s what is currently missing on day one:

  • Ratings
  • Protests for foul play
  • Roles or team-based driving
  • Broadcast integration
  • Offline championships

These additional features are expected to be added throughout 2021 according to the developers at Studio 397.

What is available from today is a very basic implementation of the competition system. Evidently the new technology architecture allows the development team to add, change and improve the features over time. We’ll be following closely and be giving you all the updates here on about the progression of the new system.

Today is also the day that the “new” UI (that has previously been available as an open beta branch) has become the default. Studio 397 have stated that the old UI will not be supported after this build so if you really want to stick with it then you’re going to miss out on future updates.

Finally, here’s the other updates included in today’s build update:

  • Fixed v-sync not working
  • Fixed an issue where certain car classes would not show in a session
  • Various minor graphical bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with aspect ratio

Apparently we’re also going to see the introduction of the new “Endurance Pack 2” DLC as early as tomorrow – so that’s one more thing to look forward to before Christmas!

If you want to check out the full post on the Studio 397 site, you can do so by clicking here.

We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest rFactor 2 news, as it happens, here on

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