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ButtKicker haptic feedback now supports F1 22

ButtKicker haptic feedback now supports F1 22

A new software update for HaptiConnect means that ButtKicker Gamer Plus and Pro users can now receive dedicated haptic feedback for F1 22.

The haptic feedback device that takes you one step closer to sim racing emersion, ButtKicker, has just updated its software to natively support EA SPORTS F1 22.

Earlier this year, the company launched two new sim racing feedback models, the Gamer PLUS and Gamer PRO. Both come bundled with HaptiConnect Standard, the baseline software that included dedicated plug-ins for iRacingAssetto CorsaAssetto Corsa Competizione, DiRT Rally 2.0, F1 2021 and as of today (9th August) F1 22 too.

ButtKicker Gamer PLUS F1 22 plug-in update

To be clear, without the plug-in, you can use a ButtKicker to deliver enhanced feedback while sim racing, but the native option means the effects are specifically tailored for each title.

The system does support further titles for an additional $4.99 – such as the recently-added rFactor 2 and Automobilista 2 – or you can upgrade to HaptiConnect Ultimate for $59.99 which will cover all of those plus any future additions.

F1 22 game ButtKicker support

We’ll keep you updated if further racing games and sims are added to the service and will have a full review of the Gamer PLUS soon.

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