Build your own tracks and destroy them, with indie racer RaceLeague

Ross McGregor
RaceLeague is a fun indie racer with an emphasis on physics, destructible cars and environments and custom track creation.
Build your own tracks and destroy them, with indie racer Race League

RaceLeague, by one-man development team Oversteer Studios, is out today (26th July 2022) on Steam Early Access for PC users.

Finnish developer Jali Hautala has worked on the colourfully chaotic racing game since 2018, with a heavy focus on physics, destructible environments and custom track building tools.

As can be seen from the Early Access video, the game’s cars have an impressively detailed damage model, where wheels, panels and wings can fall off or collapse. Tyre walls will explode into an Avon flurry of rubber, reminding us of Wreckfest, while Armco barriers bend satisfyingly after heavy impacts.

At this stage, there are three cars to choose from; including a four-wheel-drive rallycross car, a Formula 3-derived single-seater and a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup clone, with four default track environments.

However, one significant aspect of RaceLeague is the ability to quickly create custom tracks using the game’s powerful track builder tool. Once your track is created it’s a simple process to upload it for players around the world to try, with leaderboards already packed with super-quick lap times.

The most impressive part of the game, however, looks set to be the car and tyre physics. Tyre sidewalls deform under load, pick up dirt and grass and can even puncture if worn through. It’s an impressive feat for an indie game.

Not only that, but RaceLeague will also be compatible with steering wheel controllers, offering force feedback. For a seemingly fun indie racer, it will be interesting to see how the physics hold up when using a full sim racing set-up.

RaceLeague is available now on Steam, priced at £17.54 including a 10% release discount (normally priced at £19.49).

Are you impressed with RaceLeague’s damage model, physics and custom track builder? Let us know in the comments below.

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