iRacing – Brands Hatch and Charlotte rallycross layouts added


For anyone that likes getting down and dirty with rallycross in iRacing can celebrate today as the service announced two new track configurations.

Both Brands Hatch and Charlotte Motors Speedway already exist in iRacing in road and oval forms but this latest update will add the possibility of high-octane rallycross racing for drivers.

Although both tracks have hosted “real world” rallycross events, the layouts are not completely authentic. The Charlotte track will include parts of the Roval layout whereas Brands Hatch combines the traditional layout with some newer sections from the iRacing designers.

The Charlotte circuit is a free track for all users of the service so this update is completely free-of-charge for everyone. Brands Hatch is $14.95 on the service but the update is free for existing owners and comes with the Indy, Grand Prix and the new rallycross configurations.

Both updates will be released with 2021 Season 1.

Will you be giving the new rallycross configurations a go? As always, let us know in the comments, forums and social media!

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