“Biggest Ever Update” for F1 Mobile Racing coming soon

Justin Melillo
"Biggest Ever Update" for F1 Mobile Racing Coming Soon

The 2021 Season Update for F1 Mobile Racing will be the “biggest ever update” per the Tuesday announcement from EA and Codemasters. The official free-to-play mobile experience for Formula 1 is getting an overhaul with the 2021 additions. Visually speaking, the game is going to look “next level.”

The big part of the news is that the mobile game is getting updated to 2021. Liveries, drivers, teams, and all of the other aspects are getting current. Duels and Events will return with live PvP racing, all updated to 2021 spec as well.

For custom racers, there will be customization both mechanically and visually for their own F1 cars. Liveries and patterns are earned through competition and stickers can be added to make the scheme your own. Performance is upgraded with better R&D parts earned in F1 Mobile Racing’s loot boxes.

The update will include “comprehensive visual overhaul,” which will include “increased detail, improved lighting, and incredible environments.” The upcoming update includes updated audio and multiple weather conditions as well.

There’s also a Career mode in the works, a first for the mobile application. That won’t be in this update, but the folks at Codemasters and EA are excited for it.

“The new F1 Mobile Racing update is a major step forward, with a focus on replicating the exhilarating action of Formula 1 through a complete visual overhaul, refined gameplay and new game features,” said Vincent Meulle, Executive Producer at Codemasters.

“Whether players are racing for glory in the upcoming Career mode, competing in our huge slate of PvP events, or customizing their experience with new parts and designs, we’re excited to be expanding the ways in which anyone can live the dream of being an F1 driver.” 

The update inherently converts the main aspects of the game. Instead of the 2020 stuff, players will now have the official 2021 F1 liveries, a 2021 regulation base car, and 2021 spec R&D parts. Coins and Tokens replace Credits and Resource points, but you’ll be able to carry over any previous currency. Previous players will be able to move over their profile name and race number as well.

Unfortunately with the update, there will be some things that are lost from the previous edition. It may seem like a fresh start in some areas. Records such as total distance driven, track time records, total cups and XP level will all be reset. Unofficial liveries, stickers and helmets that are owned will also be lost in the transition. VIP Pass will also be put aside and current subscribers recurring payments will be removed.

The F1 Mobile Racing app is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. There is no timetable on the update other than it’s coming soon. Let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below.

Images thanks to EA

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