Beyond Chunderdome: adds VR in v0.30 update’s v0.30 update is out now, adding VR compatibility, a new car, two new trailer types and West Coast USA map updates to the game., West Coast USA, v0.30 update

It’s finally happened! After years of anticipation, the team has added VR compatibility to its eponymous driving game, allowing players to get themselves involved in hilarious, over-the-top crashes from a first-person perspective. 

Not only that, but the developer has also added a host of new content and upgrades to the physics sandbox title, with a new vehicle, new trailers and an expansion to the West Coast USA map all in the offing, as well as enhanced gearbox behaviour and obligatory new missions. v0.30, VR is here! 

The headline feature of v0.30 is undoubtedly VR implementation. To use it, players’ VR headsets must be compatible with the OpenXR standard API, with the developers caveating that VR is resource-hungry at this stage, so turning down graphics settings may be required for optimal performance. 

Although it’s an early experimentational version of VR, BeamNG features stereoscopic wing mirrors (a feature properly done in Live for Speed) and the ability to toggle VR on or off at will. 

If players encounter any issues using BeamNG in VR they’re encouraged to contact developers and help optimise the user experience for everyone v0.30 new vehicle, Hirochi Aurata 

As teased previously, BeamNG’s new vehicle is an SXS (side by side) off-roader, featuring two seats and a small, three-cylinder engine propelled by a continuously variable transmission (CVT). 

The Hirochi Aurata has all the drivetrain and engine combinations you’d expect from a BeamNG vehicle and an innate ability to hit the roughest of BeamNG’s environments – especially v0.27’s Baja-inspired Johnson Valley map. v0.30, new trailers 

New trailers have also been added to the game, with the Tilt Deck Trailer and the Enclosed Cargo Trailer now selectable. 

Featuring varying lengths, suspension set-ups and connector types (including a gooseneck style attachment as teased previously), these trailers add a little something extra to BeamNG’s towing solution lineup, with the Tilt Deck providing ample stunt opportunities. v0.30, West Coast map expansion 

The West Coast map also receives some attention in v0.30 with a whole new island – Spearleaf Island – to explore. The new area features an oil refinery, docks and a lighthouse to explore,  

On the mainland, a new steelworks has been built just off the main highway, with underground sections to explore and heavy-duty obstacles to avoid, with a new car dealership and movie lot also added. v0.30, new missions and other additions 

As is always the case with a new BeamNG update, expect to see new missions across the West Coast USA, Small Island and Jungle Rock Island maps. We’ve detailed a full list of all the new missions in the changelog below. v0.30, realistic manual gearbox behaviour 

Perhaps not the immediate highlight of the new update, but still crucial in terms of realism, is the revision to BeamNG’s ‘Realistic Mode’ gear shifting. 

Essentially, the change takes into consideration the length of time players hold onto the shifting buttons, so holding the shift button down longer will instigate a slower gearshift – like what you would do in normal, day-to-day driving. 

Quicker pulls will result in sportier gearshifts, and an increased likelihood of transmission damage, with the same theory applying to those using manual H-pattern ‘boxes. 

The development team will iterate on this new gearbox model in future updates, to provide more realistic transmission modelling for more of BeamNG’s cars. 

Are you excited about’s new VR mode and v0.30 content updates? Let us know in the comments below., West Coast USA, v0.30 update v0.30 changelog



NEW VEHICLE: Hirochi Aurata

  • 2 seater “Side by Side” UTV built for recreation and entry level racing
  • Factory and custom configs with a range of specifications, suitable for off-road and racetrack alike
  • Long travel suspension, two different rollcage styles
  • 3 cylinder engine with factory and aftermarket turbocharged variants
  • Continuously variable transmission
  • Selectable 4WD and low-range box, also available with RWD conversion
  • Two new vehicle-specific wheel styles in two different sizes, with tires to match

NEW TRAILER: Tilt Deck Trailer

  • Featuring hydraulically operated deck
  • Available in 3 length variations, few suspension configurations and 2 tongue options (standard and gooseneck)

NEW TRAILER: Enclosed Cargo Trailer

  • Featuring locking fold-down ramp and a side door
  • Available with several pre-loaded configurations

Autobello Piccolina

  • Fixed wrong brake pads on Drag config
  • Fixed Autobuggy gaining interior camera sound muffling when body is removed

Autobello Stambecco

  • Fixed diesel engines not drowning in water when not fitted with a snorkel

Bruckell Bastion

  • Fixed orbit camera being slightly off center
  • Fixed clock overlapping in Drag Mode

Bruckell Moonhawk

  • Fixed oil starvation caused by exhaust manifolds and radiator support clipping with frame
  • Fixed torque dip on 309 CUI V8 engine

Cherrier FCV

  • Fixed simplified traffic electric variant missing interior carpet
  • Fixed Vivace simplified traffic trunk being invisible from inside

Civetta Bolide

  • Added Gooseneck hitch (available under “Spare Tire” slot in 6×4 rear subframe)
  • Fixed misaligned race 5-lug wheel hubs

Civetta Scintilla

  • Fixed rear fascia not fully breaking off sometimes with active spoiler equipped

ETK I-Series

  • Jbeam lightly refreshed
  • Reduced mesh spiking on rear end and front fenders
  • Deformation adjustments
  • More jbeam detail for rear doors and rear seats

ETK K-Series

  • Tuned torque vectoring behavior

Gavril Bluebuck

  • Fixed gas struts on both hood and trunk being unbreakable

Gavril D-Series

  • Added Gooseneck hitch to all D35 configs except “The Beast”
  • Added tow hitch to Cargo Box & Flatbed Upfit
  • Increased radiator efficiencies
  • Fixed camper shell tailgate not breaking properly
  • Fixed Prerunner gaining interior camera sound muffling when body is removed
  • Fixed Crew Cab Crawler and Extended Prerunner having 100% interior sound muffling

Gavril H-Series

  • Added tow hitch to Cargo Box & Flatbed Upfit
  • Fixed labels of mattress loads appearing 16 meters off to the side

Gavril Roamer

  • Fixed tailgate window spiking

Hirochi SBR4

  • Fixed tailgate pop open beams wrong type, causing the tailgate to get dragged behind the car after breaking off

Ibishu 200BX

  • Jbeam lightly refreshed
  • Added detachable rear subframe
  • Reduced mesh spiking on rear end
  • Deformation adjustments

bishu Covet

  • Fixed glass particles appearing when they shouldn’t on some configs

Ibishu Hopper

  • Fixed Crawler gaining interior camera sound muffling when body is removed

Ibishu Pessima (1996)

  • Fixed one of the police light bars conflicting with grille flashers

Ibishu Pigeon

  • Fixed some wrong breakGroups causing the hood to not fully break off in collisions
  • Fixed incorrect beacon light roof attachment

Ibishu Wigeon

  • Retuned strength of hood and tailgate hinges and latches

Soliad Lansdale

  • Gear indicator and odometer now turn off with the ignition

Soliad Wendover

  • Fixed off center camera
  • Fixed Gambler roof rack mounts not deforming with the roof

SP Rockbasher

  • Fixed unpainted IFS frame being less stable than the painted variant


  • Changed UI name to “Walking”

Wentward DT40L

  • Made engine access panel openable


  • Large Box Utility Trailer
  • Load position variable moved to correct category, and it now uses meters as the unit
  • Fixed another ltieraly unplayable typo and grammar in description


  • Gate prop
  • Fixed leaking breakGroup, causing the gate hinge to break when the chain was broken apart on high force impacts

Suspension Bridge

  • Fixed wrong refNodes setup, causing it to spawn at an angle
  • Fixed wrong camera offset
  • Cleaned up variables in Tuning section

Road Signs

  • Added several new variants
  • Reworked deformation
  • Fixed frequent clipping through cars after impact
  • Fixed clipping through ground after detaching

Hay Bales

  • Reworked Hay Bale Square to allow stacking multiple bales on top of each other
  • Improved materials on square variant

Shipping Container

  • Converted doors to the new latch system
  • Cardboard Box
  • Fixed console errors
  • Fixed wrong camera offset


  • Added Dreid C60-D Wheel


  • Converted ambulance doors to the new latch system
  • Updated vehicle pricing values to reflect an estimate of the cost of a brand-new vehicle
  • Moved wind buffering sound location to the front of the vehicle
  • Reduced exhaust volume of most simplified traffic cars
  • Fixed inability to use a different light bar on the rollback upfit than on the roof of the vehicle



  • Updated West Coast island with new road network and points of interest
  • Added refinery area on the island
  • Added dock area on the island
  • Added port – public area on the island
  • Added steel factory area
  • Added new dealership
  • Set up the movie studio lot
  • Updated fuel stations with new assets
  • Updated rocks

East Coast, USA

  • Fixed collisions issue in industrial area


  • Gas Stations and Electric Charging Stations now work across all levels. These facilities will now only fill tanks of your vehicle with fuel that is available at the facility. Also improved marker look and interaction logic
  • Fixed minor bugs in Italy, Industrial, Utah and East Coast
  • Fixed various material errors


Added New Missions:

  • Downtown Rush, Superhighway Sweep on West Coast USA
  • Mudslide Gladiator on Jungle Rock Island
  • Small Island Sprint, Downhill Sweep on Small Island
  • Added New Recovery Options inside missions. Many Mission types now let you flip your car upright or recover back on the road, without needing to restart the mission completely
  • Minor improvements to some Mission types
  • All Time Trials that were previously only available from the main menu are now available as missions and have been improved
  • Improved AI for some AI Race missions
  • Chase missions can now use a predefined race path for the suspect
  • Updated previews and thumbnails for some missions
  • Can no longer start Missions that require you to use your own vehicle if you are not seated in a vehicle

Virtual Reality

  • We’re excited to introduce a very early and experimental version of VR support. Any VR headset that supports the OpenXR standard (almost all headsets) should work. Performance, stability and polish are not perfect, but we have decided to give you all early access and get your thoughts and feedback as soon as possible, while we continue working on it.
  • As you might suspect – VR places considerable demands on your computer’s resources. Anticipate substantial hardware requirements and consider scaling back on the graphics detail, amount of traffic, and other settings to ensure a smoother experience.

Highlights include:

  • Ability to toggle VR on/off at any point (using ctrl + num0, and recenter with ctrl + num5 ; can be customized to any key, steering wheel button, etc)
  • Ability to choose snap-turn or smooth-turn in cockpit camera and in walking mode (with customizable snap-turn angle in 15º increments for walking mode)
  • Interactive 3D cockpit switches, doors handles, etc (experimental; requires a VR controller). A customizable option allows your hands to reach far away objects more easily (useful if you have walls, objects, impediments or simply laziness constraining your movement)
  • Stereoscopic and position-aware mirror reflections
  • Directional 3D audio
  • Instant 180º direction change in walking mode when using look-back
  • Option for ergonomic headset recentering when reclined in your seat or lying down in bed
  • Customizable size, curvature and height of menus
  • Support for both regular HMDs and for non-HMDs (such as some head-tracked 3d monitors by Dimenco). The hardware must support the OpenXR standard
  • Note: to use Windows Mixed Reality headsets, set SteamVR as your default OpenXR runtime (this works around the missing Vulkan support in WMR drivers).
  • Check Options → Display → VR for more options
  • You can find additional information and share your feedback in the dedicated forum thread.

Early Preview: Career Mode

  • With the release of version 0.30, we are incredibly excited to share with you the progress we’ve made on our journey of career mode development. In this update, we’re rolling out a rudimentary tutorial which is designed to establish the essential framework for future expansion of the system. Let us be very clear in that this is not a complete-and-polished tutorial for the game itself but rather an introduction to the core mechanics of the career mode that we plan to build upon in the future.
  • We would like to reiterate that our commitment to transparency and involving our community in the early stages of development remains unwavering; however, this also means that the early preview will be rough around the edges and the experience will be raw and unpolished. This nuts and bolts, very much WIP version, is only meant to provide the adventurous ones among you with a glimpse into the groundwork we’re laying down. Because we’re constantly refining and improving the system, please be prepared that with upcoming updates, your progress will be lost due to compatibility issues. With this in mind, here are the changes:

New Features:

  • Tutorial: learn the basics of Career Mode
  • Vehicle Shopping: Inspect and buy new vehicles, take them for a test drive
  • The basics of Insurance
  • Improved Features:
  • Improved Vehicle Management, Inventory, Parts shopping
  • You can find additional information and share your feedback in the dedicated forum thread.

Input and Force Feedback

  • Improved force feedback feel across the board: smaller unwanted oscillations, as well a more consistent and lower force feedback latency
  • Slight reduction of input latency
  • Added default configuration for Moza R3 steering wheel base
  • Added default configuration for PXN V12 Lite steering wheel base and PXN W-DS steering wheel rim
  • Polished support for Logitech Trueforce, including a new slider that tweaks the maximum frequency value used for vibrotactile forces
  • Added instructions in Options → Controls → Hardware on how to use pedal force feedback on Simucube Active Pedals (becomes visible when such a pedalset is connected)
  • Integrated the additional controller notes from the Supported hardware documentation page into the in-game menu of Options → Controls → Hardware. This means those notes are shared between both locations, eliminating the need to locate and visit our documentation website
  • Improved many of the controller notes, tips and extra information from those aforementioned notes
  • Added new buttons to Options → Controls → Bindings (scroll down to bottom): these will allow you to reset the configuration of a particular controller back to defaults, rather than forcing you to reset all the connected controllers at once
  • Reset the configuration of bindings will now show a confirmation dialog before proceeding, to prevent accidentally losing your assigned controls
  • Implemented minor optimization of keyboard steering assistants
  • Minor stability improvements to Force Feedback code
  • Added new input actions to directly set ignition levels
  • Implemented code-level ability to block certain input sources


  • Heavily optimized the Options → Controls and Options → FFB menu, improving binding edits speed from around 3 seconds, down to around half a second (depending on the computer)
  • Improved the Environment → Fog option slider, making it much easier to control the amount (the slider now uses a more appropriate logarithmic scale rather than linear)
  • Improved intuitiveness of Parts menu, which used to hide the checkbox for automatic application of changes. It will now be greyed out when not clickable
  • Cleaned up many unused translation texts, for a extremely minor performance improvement
  • Added new development option to highlight which UI labels are translated correctly, are translated with errors, or are not translated. This option enables automatically when opening the ctrl + U user interface console, and can be tweaked in collapsible panel near the right border (see this post for more info)
  • The translation system can now handle not only the traditional BBCode, but also extremely basic MarkDown format (italic font, bold font and links)
  • Updated design of Police Info app
  • Fixed Parts Manager UI vehicle transparency bug when selecting a part in a couple cases
  • Fixed some parts of the ‘Select Vehicle’ and ‘Controls’ menu being available only in English language
  • Fixed misaligned stats labels and some missing grey-out effect in all the Mod Manager tabs
  • Improved how the Options → Controls menu conveys the cases where no binding has been assigned
  • Improved the visuals in Options → Other → Motion Sim menu
  • Removed unreachable buttons shown while the Controls menu is waiting for the user to pick a control to be assigned
  • Fixed inability of sliders to reach the very maximum value in some cases where more than 3 decimals are used. This might have affected the Tuning menu in some vehicle mods, although we’ve seen no such reports
  • Fixed missing text from Mod menu that links to Support page
  • Fixed the Radial Menu displaying “Main Menu” instead
  • Fixed the ctrl + F metrics creating possible issues with pushed/popped ImGUI widget style options
  • Fixed incorrect label when failing to upload a support report (was named a ‘crash report’)
  • Added some missing combustion engine damage types to the “Simple Damage” app
  • Fixed “low fuel” icon showing app in tacho app when turning ignition off
  • Updated simple damage app to use translatable strings
  • Navigation App now supports tiled terrain images. This means that areas that were outside of the main terrainblock can now be displayed correctly on the app. This is currently only implemented on West Coast, USA
  • Improved issues where the vehicle triggers were shown in situations where they shouldn’t
  • Fixed some cases where the prompt for starting missions would not open correctly
  • Added ability to toggle minimum/maximum slider ranges and inclusive/exclusive ranges in Vehicle Config → Debug Beam Visualization Modes
  • For example, for the “Stress” beam visualization mode, you can view all beams that have a stress value more than a certain minimum value by toggling off the range maximum
  • Updated translations


  • Added jbeam option to have electric motors ignore ignition levels
  • Powertrain now internally exposes ambient temperature and pressure for more performant use
  • Fixed incorrect visual rotation for shafts with a gear ratio different than 1.0
  • Added a “generic torque provider” device that can be used for applying externally controlled torques
  • Added ability to manually position powertrain device relative to parent and children in the powertrain debug app
  • Fixed an issue where very quickly changing the ignition would not correctly cancel an engine startup attempt
  • Added ability to limit combustion engine and electric motor output torque
  • Improved control options for powertrain based hydraulic systems
  • Fixed CVT behavior sometimes being related to the current framerate
  • Torque curves of all propulsion devices are now displayed in the UI rather than just those used to drive a vehicle
  • Fixed combustion engine not reacting correctly to refueling when spawning with an empty fuel tank
  • Reworked manual shifting and grinding logic
  • Manual shifting now is using the user input time, how long a shift button is pressed matters now
  • If a too quick shift is attempted, synchronizer damage happens
  • Not all gears are necessarily synchronized anymore
  • Damaged synchronizers have progressive effects on shifting behavior and performance
  • Exposed hydraulics sound parameters to jbeam
  • Fixed hydraulic pump not using gear ratios correctly
  • Improved torque converter lockup logic and automatic shifting behavior. Torque converters will now engage the “lockup clutch” in more gears, and can use “partial lockup” (essentially allowing some slippage of the lockup clutch) to achieve smoother shifting and better torque efficiency
  • Vehicle Systems
  • Fixed “Toggle Couplers” only activating a single coupler if more than one exists
  • Fixed “Toggle Couplers” not correctly detaching couplers if multiple are already attached
  • Added ability to use more than one electric input for electric hydraulics controller
  • Fixed issue with older tires when popping them
  • Fixed combustion engines not always starting up correctly under specific circumstances
  • Fixed advanced couplers (doors, latches, etc) not correctly breaking after reset if an assigned breakgroup was broken
  • Fixed N2O button not updating correctly under some circumstances
  • Improved cruise control accuracy
  • Fixed incorrect CVT mode options
  • Fixed some electrics values not being able to be overwritten by couplers
  • Added an option for silent bypass dampers
  • Added a trailer feet controller for hydraulics powered feet
  • Reworked MotionSim support
  • Fixed update rate depend and acceleration values
  • Added smoothers for all required outputs
  • Updated UI to reflect smoother changes
  • Fixed H-Pattern shifter not following correct movement animation when shifting very quickly
  • Added a jbeam option to define the minimum gear for automated downshifts in M mode of automatic transmissions, now defaults to 2


  • Autonomous driving binding (ctrl + shit t+I) will now instantly hand control over to you, rather than stopping first then handing control
  • Fixed cases where the garage mode could break
  • Game Engine
  • Added a new checkbox in Options → Graphics that allows to improve detail when camera is zoomed in (when using very low FOV angles). This will trade some framerate in exchange for improved detail and shadows
  • Implemented several Vulkan stability improvements (please note that Vulkan is still WIP)
  • Improved the ctrl + F metrics panel, by showing the potentially achievable framerate if you disabled the external FPS managers (such as V-Sync, FPS Limiter, VR, etc). It also highlights which system is managing the FPS
  • Fixed animated shapes and reflectors not being smooth beyond 1000 FPS (for example using slow motion, or with very powerful computers)
  • Fixed issue where trailers with a “gooseneck hitch” were not reset together with the attached vehicle
  • Fixed some rare issues with the safe teleport if the destination position is slightly underground
  • Fixed label typo in the header of CSV files exported by Performance Graph menu
  • Added ability to trigger simple on/off input actions through the beamng: protocol, for example beamng:v1/core_input_actions/onDownUp/pause
  • Added and Exposed Rectangle Selection of Decal Road Nodes
  • Added and Exposed debugDrawer drawArrow function
  • Added fixed license plate for low and very low graphic presets
  • Fixed game engine getting stuck when displaying a folder in windows explorer in a restricted environment (cloud computing)
  • added Imgui font RobotoMono on all platforms (used by in-game console and performance graph)
  • GLTF exporter now embed cooked texture from the game
  • Optimized drawTri and drawLine functions


  • Small physics core optimizations
  • Improved the stability of the vehicle collision subsystem. This improves the stability of loads on top of flatbeds
  • Optimized static collisions. The range of speeds without incurring frame drops from static collisions has nearly doubled
  • Added deformLimitStress attribute to beams. It caps the deformation stress limit of beams
  • Fixed physics core ray casting subsystem not hitting the default plane at origin without a heightmap
  • Fixed couplers uncoupling when they hit the ground


  • Added “cooldown crackles” to hot engines that have just been turned off. Hot engines and exhaust parts will sound like they are “ticking” or “crackling” while they cool down, especially after spirited driving
  • Updated FMOD to 2.02.17
  • Fixed dirt and dusty dirt kickup playing at the same time
  • Fixed cabin filtering not correctly applying when multiple cars are spawned
  • Added the ability to overwrite impact sounds on a per-node basis
  • Added the ability to specify a specific node for the wind sounds
  • Fixed simple traffic vehicles using incorrect calculations for their tire sounds


  • Added speed-based dynamic pitch camera
  • Fixed “look back” being offset in orbit camera when having a trailer attached
  • Fixed various camera issues when reloading Lua while a trailer is attached
  • Fixed camera issue when playing in multiseat


  • Added clarifying note in the Replay menu about compatibility across mods and across updates. In particular, that using a different game version, different activated mods or different mod versions can render a replay unplayable
  • Slightly tweaked the Replay menu layout
  • Fixed the vehicle transparency possibly continuing after closing a replay into normal gameplay. This could happen if the replay transparency setting (in Options menu) is modified while playing back a playback


  • Moved the dedicated Vulkan button in Launcher to the main menu, to promote additional testing while we continue stabilizing support for it
  • Fixed an issue where cleaning up old userfolders could delete the “temp” folder of the current userfolder

Mod Manager

  • Fixed patterns breaking new mods and using old way of mounting mods

AI & Traffic

  • Various bug fixes in ScriptAI
  • Added externalForce parameter to ScriptAI. It uses external forces to push the ScriptAI to more closely follow a script
  • Added function findBestRoad which uses an alternative method to accurately get the current road by position and direction
  • Improved chase mode pathfinding and behavior logic
  • Improved awareness parallel side avoidance
  • Improved gated road processing logic for the map navgraph
  • Lane driving will activate (set driveInLane to ‘on’) when vehicle is set to traffic mode
  • Added function: getInitialSpawnPositionOrientation to ScriptAI. It calculates the initial position (ref node) and orientation (quat) of a vehicle given a script and (optionally) a time offset
  • Adjusted vehicle spawn position so that vehicle wheels are above ground when vehicle spawns in ScriptAI
  • AI can receive an explicit point path to follow (with optional speed profile defined on position nodes)
  • Record ScriptAI with speed profile. Replay ScriptAI using speed profile
  • Reduced traffic spawning on dirt roads, again
  • Improved traffic driver random behaviors
  • Improved headlights logic, especially for tunnels
  • Traffic can now respawn on racetracks if initially activated while the player is on a racetrack
  • Police will no longer track certain offenses if the player is on a private road
  • Improved traffic pooling logic, to prevent cases where vehicles stay invisible or appear suddenly
  • Implemented traffic pooling respawn probabilities for individual vehicles
  • Various optimizations for traffic, police, and parking systems

World Editor

  • Added Resources Checker that allows to check for issues with assets in the levels and vehicles, and helps reducing file size of the content
  • Fixed Some Settings in Preferences Window Cannot be Changed
  • Added shortcut legends for Decal Road Editor’s new Functionalities
  • Fixed Forest Editor Lasso Selection not Showing
  • Fixed error when opening two camera paths with the same name
  • Fixed issue where the timing between the last and first marker of a camera path was not customizable
  • Improved level validator usability
  • Added preference for debug draw distance (useful for improving performance in modes with many debug draw shapes)
  • Revised Vehicle Groups Manager, all default vehicle groups are now saved in individual files

Decal Road Editor:

  • Added Duplicated Street Highlighting
  • Added Multiple Road and Node Selection
  • Added Multiple Node Moving and Deletion
  • Added Rectangle Selection of Nodes on Selected Roads
  • Added Multiple Road Extending (Multiple Roads can be extended keeping distance between nodes.)
  • Added Duplication and node insertion for Multiple Roads

Decal Editor:

  • Added Projection Direction Arrow
  • Added More Visible Decal Bounding Box

ScriptAI Editor:

  • To support scenario generation with BeamNG, we developed a new editing tool for designing, processing, and recording the trajectories of vehicles, using ScriptAI, you can find more information in our Documentation website

Flowgraph Editor

  • Created Camera Look At Position node
  • Various minor fixes for gameplay specific nodes
  • NEW: Blender JBeam Editor
  • Created a JBeam Editor plugin for Blender:


  • Create JBeam files with nodes
  • Import JBeam files
  • Move nodes
  • Rename nodes
  • Add/delete nodes
  • Undo/redo changes
  • Export changes directly to JBeam file
  • Plugin documentation is available here
  • You can find additional information and share your feedback in the dedicated forum thread.

Vehicle Editor

  • Created a JBeam Modifier Leaking Visualizer app (shift+f11→ Static Editor → Apps → JBeam Modifier Leaking Visualizer)
  • Shows the order of the leaking of modifiers from part to part
  • Left click on a cell with a colored border to access the source of the leak
  • Right click on a shaded cell to access the JBeam definitions being leaked to
  • Created a JBeam Typo Checker (EXPERIMENTAL, shift + f11 → Static Editor → Apps → JBeam Spellchecker)
  • Logs to console JBeam spelling mistakes
  • Technically the app holds a dictionary of JBeam terms written by hand. And if it doesn’t find the term in the dictionary, it logs it as a “spelling” error. There is no finite list of JBeam terms, so you must interpret the results to determine if they truly are spelling mistakes


  • Created new utility module: Terrain Generator. A work in progress, this utility generates a terrain block via raw data or a PNG, all controlled from Lua
  • Improved inline code documentation for UDP protocols inside their respective .lua files (outgauge.lua, outsim.lua, motionsim.lua), as well as in our protocols documentation page
  • Fixed the in-game console commands history not being kept after major game updates
  • Added support to send USB HID packets to a particular device via getHIDDeviceName() and sendHIDPacket() gelua APIs. Can be useful for modders to control non-standard inputs and outputs of custom USB devices
  • Converted all code that used bullettime module, to simAuthority. The previous module name was already only a mod retro-compatibility layer, which will be phased out in the future, so we advice modders to adopt the new naming
  • Fixed reset behavior of exponentialT smoother
  • Damage tracker now has the ability to work with temporary damage
  • Added obj:isCollidingWithObject() to vehicle Lua. It returns if a collision has happened with another vehicle/object since the previous graphics frame
  • Added obj:getNodeForceVectorXYZ(nodeId) to vehicle Lua. It returns the three components of the force vector on a node
  • Fixed obj:getNodeForceVectorNonInertialXYZ(nodeId) to return the three components of the force vector instead of a vec3
  • Fixed obj:getFrontPositionRelative and obj:getOriginalFrontPositionRelative
  • Added support for vec3 and quat to MessagePack.lua
  • Optimized MessagePack.lua to use LuaJIT’s string buffers
  • Added vec3:triangleClosestPoint
  • Added electrics.stop_turn_signals() function. It stops all turn signals
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