Automobilista 2 V1.2.0.0 released with Racin’ USA Part 1 DLC

Justin Melillo
Automobilista 2 V1.2.0.0 released with Racin’ USA Part 1 DLC

The big Automobilista 2 update that we highlighted on Tuesday finally dropped late in the day on Friday. With the recent version, the Racin’ USA Part 1 DLC is also out now, although certain ways to get it might not be ready until Monday, 7th June. 

Looking through the changelog from the Reiza Studios forums, a TON more was updated than what we had in the last updates. As we mentioned earlier, there were substantial changes to the physics, the force feedback, the AI, the weather, and overall content of the game.  

In the Racin’ USA Part 1 DLC, three new American tracks and four new American-based racing series vehicles will be added to the fold and even if those new tracks aren’t owned, racers can still compete on them online. 

Check out the changelog below and prepare for a lengthy update on Steam. It took me roughly 30 minutes or so while I was writing this. Your speeds may vary depending on your internet connection. 



  • Added Daytona International Speedway (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC). 
  • Added Long Beach (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC). 
  • Added Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC). 


  • Added GTE class featuring BMW M8, Corvette C8-R, Porsche 911 RSR (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC). 
  • Added DPi class featuring Cadillac DPi.V.R (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC). 
  • Added BMW M4 to GT4 class. 


  • Added custom championship feature to championship mode (BETA). 
  • Added option for Real Weather, synchronizing the weather conditions to the current & forecast conditions on the location of the track. 
  • Added option to customize date for the event (currently all sessions run under that same day). 
  • Added 42 years of historical weather data (currently only for tracks listed in the notes above. 
  • Added seasonal foliage (currently only for tracks noted in the changelog). 
  • Weather progression is now scaled by time progression setting when using real weather option. 
  • For effect of adjusting forecasts while running Real Weather, qualifying sessions are now configured to one day before race day, and practice 2 days before. 
  • Implemented dynamic Livetrack presets for real historic weather in single player – track may start with some level of water or puddles based on the real weather data of the preceding hours before the session start time. 
  • Added option to configure Livetrack presets for each session. 
  • Temporarily disabled real weather setting in multiplayer. 
  • Temporarily disabled LiveTrack preset setting in multiplayer. 
  • Timed races now end after ‘time + 1 lap’. 
  • DLC tracks are now accessible to non-owners in Multiplayer sessions. 
  • Adjusted LiveTrack grip range (slightly lower base grip than before on a green track). 
  • Added controller preset strings for new devices (Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T-GT, SiMagic M10). 
  • Modified Logitech G923 profiles to correctly distinguish between two variants (Xbox and PS4). Increase torque by 20%. 
  • Initial revision of shadow casting variables, generally increasing shadow quality. 
  • Inverted traction control logic – higher values now produce more Traction Control (rather than more allowed slip as per old configuration). 
  • Adjusted gamepad controller presets & car-specific parameters for improved driveability (all cars). 


  • Added more loading screen tips. 
  • Fixed slider mouse inputs for Steering Sensitivity, Speed Sensitivity, and Minimum Shift Time controller settings. 
  • Fixed incorrect visibility test on auto advance timer of session results screen. 
  • Suspension rates in setup screen are now displayed as incremental units rather than the actual rates. 


  • Revised tire tread, center of gravity height & drag coefficient parameters for all cars. 
  • Unified all GT tire dimensions, rules & branding as per real regulations of the main North American and European series (Michelins for GTE, Pirelli for GT3 & GT4). 
  • GT3 / GT4 Balance of performance revisions. 
  • Reduced air scale drafting effect. 
  • F-Reiza: Slightly adjusted diffuser center of pressure. 
  • Porsche GT3 Cup: Corrected minimum weight for both models. 
  • Super V8: Added kingpin multiplier to reduce pendulum effect in FFB. 
  • Adjusted FFB max force range for BMW M6, Camaro GT4R. 
  • Adjusted BMW M6 engine torque curve. 
  • SprintRace: Minor brake torque adjustment. 
  • Corrected default steering lock & steering ratio for Porsche GT3-R. 
  • Further bodywork drag coefficient revisions. 
  • Adjusted default TC & ABS settings (including proper baseline for cars without factory TC). 
  • Corrected traction control range for GT4 cars 
  • Adjusted aero yaw sensitivity for all GTs / Protos / Stock Cars / Touring Cars 
  • Added engine brake setting for formulas (from 1980s on), GT and Prototype classes 
  • Adjusted engine compression curves for F-Retros, Mclaren 570S, Porsches, F3s. 
  • Adjusted default packers for F-Retros, P1, Roco 
  • Adjusted Stock Car, Montana, Ginetta G40s, SprintRace torque in lower rev band to correct engine bogging down on launch. 
  • Mercedes CLK LM: Disabled downshift auto blip. 
  • Removed HARD & INTERMEDIATE tire compound from GT3, P1 options. 
  • Disabled viscous LSD settings in various cars that incorrectly allowed for it. 
  • Metalmoro AJR Fixed Honda engine bug. 
  • Set new traction control and ABS ranges – increments of 0-10 instead of 1-99. 
  • Adjusted intermediate tire compound performance. 
  • Disabled redundant weight distribution setup ranges in cars that shouldn´t have them. 
  • Added hard compound option back for StockCar2019. 
  • Minor center of gravity adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Retro cars. 
  • GT3 & GT4 BoP (Balance of Performance) Pass. 
  • Fixed missing TC & ABS on GT4 Ginetta G55. 
  • Adjusted engine output in AJR Chevy. 
  • Moved default brake bias slightly forward for most cars. 
  • Adjusted Camaro GT4 default camber & differential.  
  • Adjusted BMW M6, M8 & Mercedes GT3 damper rates & ranges.  


  • Extensive AI calibration pass for dry & wet performance, straight-line speed. 
  • Extended pool of AI personalities (all drivers in grid should have unique personalities now). 
  • Several adjustments to AI overtaking assessment parameters. 
  • Reduced range of possible AI deviation from ideal line. 
  • Increased AI wall check function. 
  • Added custom wall buffer values to Montreal, Speedland, Azure, Adelaide, Imola72 and Bathurst. 
  • AI tire wear calibration pass for Stock Car, GT3, GTE, P1 classes. 
  • Adjusted AI Grip @ Goiania, Curvelo. 
  • Added custom AI pit exit speed scalars. 
  • Adjusted AI relative performance in practice & qualifying sessions. 
  • Increased AI care with human & lowered AI brake grip for non-formula cars. 
  • Adjusted AI brake power / side tolerance / avoid ratio / extra care with player. 
  • Added function to prevent AI from pitting in last two laps of a race unless they have a mandatory stop to complete or will run out of fuel. 
  • Taruma: Adjusted AI speed through T1 & T2. 


  • Added new tire surface sound model for skid / scrub dynamics.  
  • Added traction control & RPM limiter sound logic and smoothing.  
  • Adjusted volume for various sound effects (rain, wipers, wet road roll). 
  • Optimized sound positioning calculation in relation to listener. 
  • Lowered brake squeal volume. 
  • Added turbo prop & jet airplane flyover sounds. 


  • Overcast/rain/storm climates overhaul: slightly optimized overcast weather, reduced brightness and sunlight when overcast, revised fog values for ovc/rain/storm, revised rain/storm clouds, removed inversion of lighting during thunder strikes in thunderstorm weather, removed random sky glow at night, few tweaks to clear weather HDR behavior, better blend of car’s under-shadow with environment in ovc/rain/storm/thunderstorm/fog/heavy fog weather, added visible light beams from cars in the daytime for overcast/rainy weather presets. 
  • Added seasonal foliage to Bathurst, Brasilia, Campo Grande, Cascavel, Curitiba, Curvelo, Jerez, Spielberg Historic. 
  • Fixed issues with planes, helicopters, boats, and trains being culled when they should not. 
  • Cranes, helicopters, and drones now only load on race weekend from qualifying onwards. 
  • Londrina Kart: Add missing pit man animations. 
  • Cascavel: Reworked fences, fixed UV1 mismatch on grass / outer grass. 
  • Bathurst 2020: Revised track cut mesh; Performance pass; LOD object pop fixes; Cleanup orphan mesh and texture. 
  • Interlagos Historic: Removed catch fence collisions. 
  • Nurburgring; Fix a hole in the terrain at the GP pit entrance. 
  • Spa-Francorchamps_2020: Various LOD pop and zfight fixes. 
  • Oulton Park: Added missing emap setting to some render road; Enabled 2D crowd hide from session feature; Improved startlight glows; LOD object pop fixes (max/static obj); Performance pass (23% less draw call); CSM pass (curbs, road issues). 
  • Added trackside VR cams to Ibarra, Santa Cruz, Taruma, Velopark. 
  • Interlagos Minor art & optimization pass; added seasonal foliage & optimized night lights worn curbs, fence optimization and loading, seasonal textures tweaks, optimization of night lights. 
  • Spielberg Historic: Fixed bug with seasonal foliage. 
  • Imola (all versions): Performance pass; Bug fixes; Delete orphan mesh. 
  • Updated Stock Car trackside advertising for tracks on the 2021 calendar. 


  • F-Retro V8 and V12: Added Driver animations; Adjusted the position of the cockpit gear shifter. 
  • StockCar 2021: car paint material update; livery updates. 
  • Reduced head light dip angle to improve lighting reach. 
  • Added outfits for 60s, 70s & 80s drivers. 
  • Porsche GT3-R: Texture optimization. 
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: Fixed display & RPM lights. 
  • Fixed bugs in dirt build-up parameters causing dirt to build up very slowly and reset to clean once it reached maximum state. 
  • Updated tire dimensions & branding for GTE, GT3, GT4 classes to match physics revisions. 
  • Added day running lights to GTE, GT3, GT4 classes. 
  • Adjusted brake glow range. 
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