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90s Champ Cars, laser-scanned Azure and revised physics coming to Automobilista 2

90s Champ Cars, laser-scanned Azure and revised physics coming to Automobilista 2

It’s been light on Automobilista 2 news in recent weeks, but it’s been for good reason as explained in a recent development update posted by Reiza Studios. A large update that could come in the form of many patches, per the developer, is slated to release before the end of 2021.

In that, the physics are a big point of contention that will continue to develop over time, but will see a big step up with next features unlocked in the Madness engine. Some huge breakthroughs will be additions of “tire damage components” and “transmission elasticity” in the upcoming build.

Handling improvements will also come with the physics update, including a potential fix to “Sticky Diff”. Tires and default setups will also see improvements in the coming weeks. New tire set limits, the Multiplayer Rating System beta, and a driver profile page are also on the table, but a further dev update will have more details on that.

The AI will see a bit of an overhaul as well, with better development, calibration, and modding support. The modding supporting in particular will allow users to change names of AI drivers as well as performance and personality parameters, plus specific assigned liveries, but those changes will happen in the text files of the game folder for now.

For fans of Monaco, the Azure Circuit will be laser scanned and added in for free. The devs believe the track will feel very different from the current one in use, a modified Project Cars 2 track. Also, in terms of paid content, the second Racin’ USA pack is set to release shortly. That pack will feature road circuits based in the USA and some 1990s Champ Car single seaters.

As one of my favorite games ever, CART World Series, is a 1990s Champ Car game, I’m really looking forward to a modern take on the old race car. It’s almost as exciting to me as the 1987’s NASCAR Stock Cars on iRacing, so I’ll be sure to try these out when they release.

We’ll keep you up-to-date as more information and updates release. A part two to this update is expected soon, so we’ll be on it when it posts. Let us know what you think about these AMS2 updates in the comments below!

Images thanks to Reiza Studios

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