art of rally developer Funselektor hints at mods, future projects

Thomas Harrison-Lord
art of rally developer Funselektor hints at mods, future projects

One of our favourite games in recent times, art of rally, received Xbox, Switch and PlayStation releases last year, but now it seems like creators Funselektor is expanding its horizons.

Thanks to a Twitter thread by company lead and visionary Dune Casu, we now know several important details about team plans, where the current game could be headed and some hints as to what the future may hold.

art of rally, Skoda at night

art of rally Switch updates and mod beta

First up, for existing art of rally owners on Nintendo Switch, while we love the game this particular version has suffered from a lack of detail and visual imperfections. Game porting specialist DO games has continued working post-release, and a visual fidelity update should be available soon.

The subject of mods has also been brought up. While you can already mod liveries in art of rally, Dune hints at taking things further.

art of rally Mod Beta Signup

“There are currently car livery mods, but what if there was something else, something even more creative?” he tweeted.

There is a Google Form for an ‘art of rally Mod Beta’. It asks for examples of previous mod creations and experience, and only select candidates will be notified via Discord of their inclusion.

Unannounced game, FunCore and multiplayer

The superlative Absolute Drift and art of rally releases are a hard act to follow, but that’s exactly what Funselektor is currently working on.

Zero clues are given as to what this may entail – although, rather obviously at Traxion.GG we hope it’s vehicle-related in some form – but Dune notes that at least three of the team are working on it as we speak, plus we assume, himself. Speaking of which, the unique Funselektor camper van, a modified Ford Transit, is back on the road.

Funselektor, Dune, Unannounced game

Alongside the next game, the team has also been hard at work on FunCore – a “game-agnostic architecture for our future Unity games in order to build them more efficiently, with fewer bugs and higher performance,” highlighted Dune.

“The team has started from scratch and I’ve requested a checkbox for multiplayer, so it should be possible right?”

Funselektor, Dune, FunCore, Unity

A new multiplayer game from the creators of art of rally? Count us intrigued.

Full-time team

Supporting the Funselektor has been a team of part-time and full-time collaborators, but now all, except one, are said to be full-time employees. The company has also moved to a four-day working week for the six new company additions.

This will hopefully provide additional permanent resources to assist with the said unannounced game and continued development of art of rally. It was mentioned back in August 2021 during the Kenyan update that more content would be coming for the nostalgia-infused driving game at some point. The clue was “ready to get tropical?”

We’ll sign off with eager anticipation and a message from the lead creator.

“2020 and 2021 were insanely busy for us as we’ve had many launches and growth and recently we’ve taken time to press the reset button and reevaluate everything we do from the ground up so we can make games better.”

Source: Dune, Twitter

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