Argentinian Track Pack, Oval racing coming soon to Automobilista 2

Justin Melillo
Argentinian Track Pack, Oval racing coming soon to Automobilista 2

There are two significant updates in the pipeline for Automobilista 2, according to a developers post on Thursday (30th June 2022).

A release candidate for V1.3.8 recently deployed, and within that is some new content in the form of the free Argentinian Track Pack. On top of the further enhancements and fixes to the game in V1.3.8, the track pack includes Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Termas Río Hondo, three new tracks to AMS2.

A future V1.4 update, considered to be one of the biggest updates in the history of the title, is scheduled for the end of July. It will include new physics, new damage, and should include the release of the third part of the Racin’ USA DLC, which includes oval racing for the first time on AMS2.


The three new tracks that will come included with the update when it releases publicly later this week, per Reiza Studios, will be three tracks native to Argentina.

While both Buenos Aires and Córdoba exist in the first Automobilista title, both venues have been remade for AMS2. Termas Río Hondo will be a new venue to the lineup altogether.

The long name for Buenos Aires is the Autódromo de Buenos Aires Oscar y Juan Gálvez. It has hosted Formula 1 in the past and has numerous layouts to traverse. I wonder how many will make it into AMS2?

Then, there’s Córdoba, also known as Autódromo Oscar Cabalén. Again, depending on the layout, this venue could have up to 20 corners and the length of said course is 4.045-kilometers (2.513-miles) in total.

As for the Autodromo Termas Río Hondo, that venue has 14 corners on the Grand Prix circuit and measures in at 4.805-kilometers (2.986-miles), hosting MotoGP and WTCC events in its time.

These three tracks, once again, are all free, and will be included when the update drops.


The fight for get the Automobilista 2 physics right continues into the coming updates, but in this developer’s blog, it’s said that this is going to be the big one. While updates will always continue, this is said to be the one that defines the rest of the developmental process.

Reiza’s dev update states this as far as physics are concerned, the title will have “reached a state of maturity that allows further developments to flow in more gradual manner, especially those that impact the handling and performance of the car and thus can affect existing setups.”

With the impending physics updates will also come new crash damage, along with other ways to lose performance on whatever car you’re driving. “Advanced damage modeling, covering driveline, tires, suspension, and bodywork” are just a few of the possibilities mentioned.


Ok, this part has me super intrigued. We already knew that oval racing would be coming at some point, but if the folks at Reiza stick to their guns and get V1.4 and the Racin’ USA Pt3 DLC out by the end of July, then it’s going to be closer than I realized or remembered. To further that point, an image was shared that might not look like much, but to some of us, we know exactly what is coming.

Now, there are a few “oval” type tracks in the game already, hidden in some of the Brazilian courses. AMS2 also already has Daytona International Speedway in the game. I would expect that this would be an easy track to provide an oval layout for, but what other tracks could Reiza get made for this DLC?

If we’re talking 1990s and 2000s ovals, what an opportunity it would be to get Nazareth recreated in virtual form. I’d also have to think Indianapolis would be a shoe-in, but then again, they have to get the licenses and such. Maybe the Milwaukee Mile would be feasible?

In the picture above, those are interstate road signs in the United States, but this track will not be a street or a road course (unless they include the infield one). This is just outside of the World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway oval in Illinois, and those grandstands are on the frontstretch of the venue.

Either way, I’m pumped to see what comes in the oval launch, as well as the rest of the goodies in the upcoming updates. The full June Development blog is up on the AMS2 Steam page or over on the Reiza forums. What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Images thanks to Reiza Studios

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