American Truck Simulator’s Kansas DLC set to add new industries

SCS Software has announced that American Truck Simulator’s upcoming Kansas DLC will feature several new industries, including a salt mine.
American Truck Simulator, Kansas DLC

American Truck Simulator’s recently announced Kansas DLC is starting to take shape, with developer SCS Software highlighting a range of brand-new industries set to be added to the game on release. 

Kansas is a major player in the aviation industry, being home to both Bombardier Learjet and Textron Aviation – responsible for the Beechcraft and Cessna brands. As a result, the city of Wichita is home to an aircraft factory alongside an aviation servicing facility. 

And for those urgent deliveries where a truck just isn’t fast enough, there is an air cargo depot too, showcasing Wichita’s label as the “Air Capital of the World.” 

American Truck Simulator, Kansas DLC
There’s no doubt about what a company called ‘Building Material Factory’ does.

Other manufacturing industries will also be added; with car, battery and food factories, plus a new company, the snappily named ‘Building Materials Factory.’ 

The city of Hutchinson in Reno County will also be of interest to virtual truckers thanks to its proximity to a natural resource. Nicknamed ‘salt city’ (a big giveaway), Hutchinson will be home to an imposing-looking salt mine in American Truck Simulator, with enough capacity to satisfactorily season the average serving of Mickey D French fries. 

American Truck Simulator, Kansas DLC

SCS is also going to serve up another dash of realism by adding a car park construction site, with players able to drop off all the necessary building materials to create slightly too narrow parking spaces for the general public. Rejoice! 

American Truck Simulator’s Kansas DLC is available to Wishlist on Steam now, with a release date yet to be announced.  

New ‘SCS on the Road’ episode 

The Prague-based developer continues its popular vlog series of behind-the-scenes looks at the game’s production, focusing on its relationship with real-world truck manufacturers.

This time round, the team are given a guided tour around Scania’s museum, offering further insight into the history of the Swedish truck manufacturer and its association with Euro Truck Simulator 2

Have you enjoyed watching the ‘SCS on the Road’ vlog series? Are you looking forward to getting stuck into the Kansas DLC’s range of new industries? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source: SCS Software

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