A new F-GT Elite Series cockpit is coming from Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Series

Do you want the best? As in the best of the best? The top of the line?

If so, we have some good news for you as this June, Next Level Racing will expand its lineup with a new range-topping F-GT Elite Series sim racing cockpit.

It marks the entry by the Australian-based company into the ultra-high-end market segment, with the new models sitting above existing products such as the F-GT, GTtrack and GTUltimate V2.

The Elite Series will use an aluminium profile for an additional step-up up in rigidity and design for those who are looking for the pinnacle in sim racing rigs.

“Aluminium profile was a natural progression for us, and our clear goal has been to simply provide the best aluminium profile cockpits available and set a new benchmark for a racing simulator,” said Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing.

The Elite Series can be used with Next Level’s range of motion platforms for added emersion.

For now, we have the teaser images and trailer, but we are promised more information next month, so keep it pinned to Traxion for the big reveal.

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