WATCH: The 10 BEST Simpsons: Hit & Run Street Races

Rich Hutson
WATCH: The 10 BEST Simpsons: Hit & Run Street Races

You see, Traxion is nothing if not diverse. You’ve visited us for the latest iRacing news and now he’s a video about an action-adventure game based in The Simpsons universe.

But, this game perfectly encapsulates what Traxion represents. Yes, sim racing is amazing, and we love it as much as you do. But sometimes, sit back, pick up a controller, and unwind. Arguably there’s no finer way – in my humble opinion – of doing this than by playing the PS2, GameCube, PC and Xbox 2003 classic, The Simpsons: Grand Theft Auto Hit & Run.

Here, we rank the car racing events – of which there are many in this open-world game – which are nothing if not varied. It’s got us thinking about covering the racing in more action/adventure games in the future now you come to mention it…

Anyway, for now, if you have never played this game before, get lost in the world of yellow people, massive jumps and one-liners. Watch out for the Itchy & Scratchy roundabout, of course!

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