Stream racing games now: Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Service comes to the UK, Canada and Germany 

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Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Service is now available in the UK, Canada and Germany, offering streamable racing games via its additional Luna+ subscription service.
Stream racing games now: Amazon's Luna Cloud Gaming Service comes to the UK, Canada and Germany 

Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Service is now available in the UK, Canada and Germany, it was announced yesterday (22nd March, 2023). 

The service allows subscribers to stream games to their phones, tablets and TVs, negating the need for players to own an expensive games console or gaming PC to obtain their gaming fix. Originally based in the United States, the service has now expanded its reach into North America and Western Europe.

The basic Luna package comes with an Amazon Prime subscription (Prime Gaming), offering casual, retro and Triple AAA titles as standard, with Ubisoft Connect account holders able to play select examples of their gaming library via the streaming service too. 

WRC Generations releases on Switch 1st December
WRC Generations

Game streaming services have endured a tough start to mainstream life, with latency and video clarity issues affecting the quality of the experience.  

But there is still an argument for the social benefits, as gamers can play with and against their friends from the comfort of their own couches. This wasn’t enough to save Google’s Stadia service, however, as it ceased operations in January this year. 

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service subscription tiers 

Luna has three extra subscription tiers. Luna+ adds family-friendly games and a select group of retro classics from the likes of Capcom and SNK for an extra £8.99 per month. Ubisoft+ adds the publisher’s own service back catalogue to Luna for an extra £14.99 per month, including the Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises. 

DIRT 5 Anton Marklund 2020 WorldRX

Finally, the Luna-exclusive Jackbox Games subscription adds the American developer’s best-known party games, including Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, and Drawful for an additional £3.99 per month. 

Naturally, of course, racing games are a feature of Luna and our primary interest, with several available from the off; including DIRT 5, DiRT Rally 2.0 and WRC Generations (all as part of the Luna+ service). Luna users can also stream their gameplay live on Twitch if using the service on PC, Mac or Fire TV. 

Disappointingly, there are very few games available with a basic Amazon Prime membership, and zero racing games. However, the Ubisoft+ service adds The Crew, Riders Republic, Trials Fusion and Trials Rising, but it’s generally slim pickings for racing game fans. 

Adventures is a new skin-collecting game mode for Horizon Chase Turbo
Horizon Chase Turbo

Another aspect of Luna is the ability to play games using Android phones or iPhones on Amazon Fire TV sets, where users phones act as controllers (via the Luna phone app). Players can also choose to purchase a bespoke Luna controller at £59.99, offering wireless Bluetooth compatibility with the service. 

The Luna gaming service can also be used on Fire Tablets, PCs, Chromebooks, Macs and iPads, with a select range of compatible third-party Bluetooth controllers.  

What’s your opinion on game streaming services and Luna’s expansion into Canada, Germany and the UK? Let us know in the comments below. 

Team Sonic Racing free for PlayStation Plus members in March
Team Sonic Racing

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service UK subscription costs 

  • Luna: included with Amazon Prime at £8.99 per month or £95 per year 
  • Luna+ – additional £8.99 per month 
  • Ubisoft+ Multi Access – additional £14.99 per month 
  • Jackbox Games – additional £3.99 per month 

Racing games available for Amazon Luna’s Luna+ subscription

  • Beach Buggy Racing 2 Hot Wheels Edition 
  • DIRT 5 
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 
  • Horizon Chase Turbo 
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed 
  • Monster Truck Championship: Rebel Hunter Edition 
  • Riptide GP Renegade 
  • Team Sonic Racing 
  • WRC Generations 

Racing games available for Amazon Luna’s Ubisoft+ subscription

  • The Crew 
  • Riders Republic 
  • Trials Fusion 
  • Trials Rising 
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