RaceRoom Racing Experience adds 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT4

Justin Melillo

A new update for RaceRoom Racing Experience that launched on Thursday (9th September) added a new racing vehicle for members to own. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 from 2020 is now available in your choice between 15 different liveries for only $4.71.

One of the most successful in the GT4 racing category, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 boasts a 4.0L V8 engine with 415BHP, weighing in at 1545KG. GT4 racing is more oriented for lower division racing and this car would be a great first step into the world of closed cockpit GT racing.

Besides the new car, there are a host of other changes that came with the full update. Depending on how much content you own on RaceRoom, the download could be as big as 2.7 GB. Some of the changes include new layouts for existing tracks, physics improvements for select cars and AI improvements at popular venues.

Check out the full changelog below. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

RaceRoom Racing Experience 9/9/21 Changelog:

  • Download size = 2.7 GB
  • Client version =
  • Client BuildID = 7330489
  • Dedi version = 77.0.1325
  • Dedi BuildID = 7330164
  • New layout for Dekra Lausitzring : Banked turn 1 as raced in DTM 2021
  • New layout for Motorland Aragon : WTCR
  • Fixed FFB going wild when wheels were lifted in the air during a pitstop
  • Shared Memory – Changed wheelrps and speed to more accurate values regading wheel speed differences in 3rd party applications
  • Fixed a broken options menu that could occur while using certain controlsets
  • Fixed an occasional micro-freeze at the end of a single player race caused by large aiadaptation.xml files.
  • Fixed an engine sound issue that was triggered by activating Instant Replay while refuelling with engine off during a pitstop
  • Sounds – Fixed some loud gearshift sound sample that was still playing even though the car is electrically powered
  • Audi V8 DTM 1992 – Fixed jolted upshifting
  • Canhard R51 & R52 – +5mm front ride height, adjusted default tyre pressures
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 – Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
  • Formula RaceRoom U.S. – Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
  • KTM X-Bow RR – Fixed a collision box issue that could see the car hit very low objects and curbs with its undertray.
  • VW ID.R – Increased power consumtion in all engine modes
  • Nordschleife – AI improvements in pitlane on the Nordschleife-only layout
  • Nordschleife – AI improvements on the 24H layout
  • Road America – AI improvements in pitlane
  • Zandvoort – Fixed pitlane exit detection that was still not perpendicular to the track and led to small advantage when driving close to pitwall
  • Zolder – AI improvements in pitlane

Images thanks to RaceRoom Racing Experience

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