Potential flag integration teased for new Thrustmaster direct drive wheel base

Further information about Thrustmaster’s new direct drive racing wheel has been revealed, with new coloured lights and a 2022 release date.
Thrustmaster won't tease its direct drive wheel further until it's ready

Following a #STARTINGLIGHTS social media campaign which slowly revealed information about its first direct drive sim racing wheel base, Thrustmaster has confirmed that it will no longer tease the product until it’s complete.

The full reveal will be later this year, with the product on sale within 2022 too.

The next time the gaming peripheral manufacturer will speak of the new product, it will be to announce all of the details. Initially, there were set to be a further three teasers.

In December of last year, Thrustmaster teased that it was working on a direct drive device and that all prior wheel add-ons would be compatible. This was followed up in January 2022, when further details were revealed about the device’s toolless quick-release system – a new feature for Thrustmaster’s steering wheel range.

In today’s (3rd March 2022) announcement, a short video animation was also released. The hexagonal shape is seen in previous communications returns, only this time it flashes several different colours.

Perhaps this will be the shape of the wheel base and the LEDs can be used to display its power status and other information? There are green, yellow, red and blue colours visible, which strike us as motorsport flag signals.

We’ll have to see later this year. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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