Our favourite mobile racer, iGP Manager, is now in 3D

Thomas Harrison-Lord
iGP Manager 3D

It is often said within the Traxion team that iGP Manager is our favourite mobile racing experience. Somehow, trying to actually drive vehicles using a touchscreen or motion controls is not as satisfying as using a controller or wheel. But a management game on the go is the perfect way to make a commute bearable.

iGP Manager has long been established in this regard. If you’ve enjoyed the My Team career in F1 2020 for example, iGP is on another level. Overseeing sponsors, training your drivers and overseeing your team members is engrossing, but you also have a hand in the on-track action too, with strategy, weather, tyre wear, track position and ERS all in-play and something you have to navigate in real-time. Oh, and you play online against other players and in leagues.

Today, a much vaunted feature arrives to the free-to-play game on iOS, Android and browser – 3D.

iGP Manager 3D

The new update adds 24 new 3D circuits and includes onboard, trackside and chase cameras. It looks to be a revelation. It dramatically changes the aesthetics and should provide additional immersion.

While we enjoyed the previous 2D top-down perspective, the 3D update is something that the 2.5 million-strong player base has been eagerly anticipating.

“We have had this update in mind since we first launched iGP Manager in 2011 and I am so proud of our team for continuing to innovate and improve the game for our players,” said Jack Bashford, CEO and Founder of iGP Games.

“The 3D update is a total visual overhaul to the game, making it the only serious esports platform out there for race management.

iGP Manager 3D

“Our development team has worked night and day to bring this update to our players at a time when it is most needed.”

Our own iGP Manager addict, Justin Sutton, happens to be very excited about this update. So excited that we have a podcast recording later today, but it’s going to be hard to pull him away from this game.

“I already thought it was the best racing game on mobile, now it’s gonna be even better!” He actually said that. I copied it straight from a message. You can tell it’s genuine because he used ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’…

iGP Manager 3D mobile

I don’t think anyone doubted iGP Manager’s ability to provide in-depth management, but now with the 3D visuals, hopefully – without changing what makes the game so much fun in the first place – it will now reach a larger audience due to the more relatable visuals. It could also help the game to build upon its esports functionality, the new look adding additional authenticity to the competitions.

The update is available right now, and if you’ve not tried it before, it’s free. Stop reading. Go, now, get managing.

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