McLaren has turned its Vision Gran Turismo concept into a real car

Thomas Harrison-Lord
First an in-game concept car for GT Sport and Gran Turismo 7, the BC08 Solus GT has turned the virtual into the reality for 25 lucky customers.
McLaren has turned its Vision Gran Turismo concept into a real car

What started out as a virtual concept car for the GT Sport game in 2017 has now become a reality for 25 lucky, and wealthy, customers as the Solus GT turns the McLaren VGT into a track-only hypercar.

Revealed at Monterey Car Week, it keeps the overall design theme, closed-cockpit and single-seat layout from the video game version, but swaps the 4-litre engine for a 5.2-litre V10 engine with a ‘bespoke’ seven-speed, sequential, gearbox.

McLaren Solus GT rear Gran Turismo Vision GT

The engine will deliver 840ps at 10,500rpm for a top speed of ‘over’ 200mph. However, its straight-line speed isn’t what will set it apart, rather the sub 1,000kg weight and ability to generate over 1,200kg of downforce.

Pricing has not been disclosed – in Gran Turismo 7, the VGT variant costs 1,000,000 credits. Considering the steep price of in-game credits via the PlayStation Store, both the real-world and virtual versions sting the wallet…

Gran Turismo 7 McLaren Vision GT
Gran Turismo 7 – McLaren Vision GT

The cost is a moot point, however, as all are pre-sold before the reveal. Real-estate mogul turned car YouTuber, Manny Khoshbin, has been hinting at a ‘crazy McLaren’ for some time, and it transpires he’s one of the lucky few.

“This will sound like a 2000s-era Formula 1 car,” explains a McLaren Special Operations representative.

“We designed it so it’s driveable like all McLarens. So it’s got traction and stability control and you can take them off as you get better and better, working with our driver coaching programme.”

“The downforce on this car, there’s nothing outside of F1 in our portfolio like this.”

McLaren Solus GT interior

The code name for the project was BC08 and each owner will receive a customised FIA-homologated race suit, driving seat, helmet and HANS (Head And Neck Support) device alongside driver coaching.

Delivers start in 2023. For those who just missed out on an allocation, the existing two VGT versions are within Gran Turismo 7. There’s no word yet if the Solus GT derivation will be coming to the game.

Source: McLaren

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