Cast Aways: Collect rubbish in paradise with Sunset Shift

Cast Aways: Collect rubbish in paradise with Sunset Shift

Sunset Shift is a free driving game set on a tropical island with a thought-provoking ecological message.

Sunset Shift is a new game by Spanish developer Selkie Harbour, placing players in the shoes of an exclusive private island’s bin collector.

You take the wheel of a giant truck and your goal is to collect the island’s residents’ waste – but there’s a twist: this billionaire’s paradise doesn’t have a landfill site or any kind of recycling plant, so players are obliged to go off-road to dump their rubbish.

There’s a storyline to follow too, told via radio messages with the owner of the island’s son, and this progresses steadily in the background alongside the main garbage-collecting mechanic.

The difficulty is ramped up thanks to the limited capacity of your truck, as more and more waste-creating residents move to the island. Finding space for bigger piles of rubbish becomes more challenging and predictably results in an ecological disaster.

Sunset Shift is available to download and play for free now, from Selkie Harbour’s website. Stay tuned to Traxion.GG to find out our thoughts on the game in our upcoming review.

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