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Thomas Harrison-Lord is Editor in Chief of Traxion. An automotive and racing video journalist, he also contributes to Autosport and Motorsport.com.

Since 2014, Justin Melillo has been writing about NASCAR racing, covering over 25 NASCAR race weekends on-site for The Racing Experts. As an avid sim racer himself, Melillo is one of the better known eNASCAR reporters for both the iRacing and NASCAR Heat series, and is excited to be with Traxion.GG for even more esports and gaming coverage moving forward.

Sim racing and esports journalist for Traxion.GG. Occasional motorsport photographer, esports competitor and distinctly average cyclist.

John Munro is a content creator for Traxion. As well as being a part-time real racing driver, sim-racer and a lover of gaming and music, John specializes in the topics of talking too fast and too much. To hear what we mean, go and check out the Traxion Youtube channel.

James T. 'Irelique' Kirk lives and breathes esports and gaming as a commentator, analyst, host, and writer. After nearly ten years, he has worked for the likes of Sony, Eurosport, Psyonix, G2 Esports, and Mercedes-Benz with great enthusiasm. Aside from being a walking Star Trek reference, rumours also suggest that he is something of a connoisseur of cheesecake; more on this as it breaks...

Traxion.GG Video Editor. A.K.A. The Big O. Rollercoaster and F1 lover. Cannot drive, iRacing is my fave sim.

Rich Hutson is a Presenter and Video Editor for Traxion. Not only does he surround himself with video games and hardware, he's also adept at pratting around on Twitch and building theme parks.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Crystal has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism. She's covered everything from the NFL, NBA, and BC High School Basketball, and has experience as an On-Air reporter/broadcaster. Crystal spent a season writing about her favourite team, the San Francisco 49ers, for Sports Illustrated. Follow her on Twitter: @crystalscuor

Justin Towell is a freelance contributor, having previously spent 10 years on GamesRadar+ including as Reviews Editor and Associate Editor. He is now self-employed and balances his love of racing sims with that of electric guitar. Harmoniously, of course.

Alex Gillon is an F1 video producer and streamer for Traxion. He talks fast, drives fast and writes bios even faster.

Justin Sutton is the Social Media and Community Manager for Traxion.gg. He has a beard that some would describe as "too big" and uses way too many exclamation points!

Stryxnine Pulsatrix is a freelance broadcast producer and commentator. She heard her name rhymed with "aubergine" over a league broadcast and it's been her favorite moment as a sim racer of seven years

British YouTuber, all things two wheels, destroyer of AI at 120 per cent difficulty.

Antony has been playing racing games for three decades, from Accolade's Grand Prix Circuit of 1988 to the latest sims. While he primarily writes about real-world vehicles, Antony spends most weekends driving in the virtual world too.

Martin Robinson is a part-time pretend racing driver and full-time racing nerd. His real-world racing achievements peaked when he finished 9th in the 1995 Hunts Kart Racing Championship.

Aero is a full-time streamer and content creator, usually found going sideways in video games. A dab of oppo.

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