Williams Esports signs up for ‘e2real’ Prodigy Racing League

Racing Prodigy gears up for its debut ‘e2real’ Prodigy Racing League season with the announcement of a Williams Esports partnership.
Williams Esports signs up for 'e2real' Prodigy Racing League
Sim racers will now compete in a real-world motorsport championship

Racing Prodigy, ‘the world’s first ‘e2real sports league’, has announced that Williams Esports is the first team lined up to participate in the Prodigy Racing League (PRL) this Autumn.

The PRL is a real-world motorsport series comprising totally of sim racers, all selected by way of PRL esports events in rFactor 2,  RaceRoom and iRacing or through the ‘Prodigy Week’ on-track event at Atlanta Motorsports Park last November.

Racing Prodigy aims to lower the barrier to real-world motorsport by providing PRL drivers with professional racing contracts and a chance to race for real, with Williams Esports adding gravitas and technical know-how to the scheme, providing all competitors with an intensive remote coaching programme in association with PitFit Training.

Under the stewardship of a driver coach, chief engineer, and human performance coach, the program will see PRL drivers informed on subjects like race car physics, set-up development and strategy testing, with all the Formula 1 know-how you’d expect from an affiliated esports team.

Williams Esports signs up for 'e2real' Prodigy Racing League
Williams Esports’ Javier Guerra (L) and Racing Prodigy’s David Cook (R)

Like the rest of the yet-to-be-announced teams, Williams Esports will participate in a driver draft at its London Fan Zone on 6 July at 2 pm BST, with squads choosing four drivers each from a pool of 32 live on the Racing Prodigy YouTube channel.

‘Golden tickets’

Opportunities to win ‘golden tickets’ to future Prodigy Weeks will also be available ahead of F1 weekends in cities including Melbourne, Miami, Austin, Las Vegas and Barcelona, with Fan Zones encouraging visitors to show their skills on simulators.

“Williams is passionate about breaking new boundaries in bringing fans closer to motorsport and has a proud tradition of developing talented young drivers into race winners, so teaming up with Racing Prodigy makes perfect sense. We’re excited about this opportunity to work with sim drivers from a range of backgrounds and getting them ready to race for real,” said Marcus Prosser, Marketing Director of Williams Racing.

Williams Esports signs up for 'e2real' Prodigy Racing League

“Williams Racing is one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams, so to bring its expertise in real-world racing to the world’s first e2Real sports league is a major step forward for motorsports,” explained Racing Prodigy CEO David Cook. 

“We have a clear vision to deliver the next generation of motorsports that is driven by our e2Real PRL league, built for access, transparency, fan engagement, and opportunities for all, regardless of socioeconomic background,” he concluded.

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