Quentin Dall’olmo beats brother to World Rallycross Esports crown


Five French drivers and the lone Czech competitor, Lukáš Matěja, were lining up on the grid for the biggest event in the DiRT Rally 2.0 rallycross calendar. The big questions ahead of the action were whether Matěja could earn a second world title on the same day he secured the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series championship? Or would reigning champion Killian Dall’olmo keep his crown? Maybe it would be another driver altogether… it was time to find out!

Heat 1 and 2 – Montalegre, Portugal

First up was the Portuguese Montalegre track, with its beautiful mountainous surroundings. The first race saw all but two drivers take a first lap joker. Baptiste and Quentin Dall’olmo stayed on the regular layout to try and pull out a lead whilst the others fought for track position behind. Hus/ Baptiste took the Joker on lap 3, leaving the lead to Quentin Dall’olmo. Fighting his brother, on the merge it was the reigning champion Killian Dall’olmo that ended up at the top, followed by Quentin and Jeffrey Page in 3rd.

For race 2, Quentin Dall’olmo again went for the Joker – this time alongside Page. Matěja led the rest of the pack but was forced down to 3rd by Killian Dall’olmo after a clash into turn one that was judged to be fair by the stewards. Quentin took the victory after a very close merge ahead of his brother as they continued to dominate the start of the event. A number of drivers were found to be guilty of track limits infractions by the game, hampering their points haul.

Heat 3 and 4 – Holjes, Sweden

As we arrived in Sweden track in Holjes was wet, an additional challenge for the drivers to contend with. At the start of race 3, Baptiste got away well from pole position and led the way into turn one. Matěja and Hus were first lap Jokers and gaining whilst the rest of the field were battling ahead of them. As the group began lap 2, Page made a mistake and clipped Quentin Dall’olmo, causing some damage and chaos for the drivers around them. Killian Dall’olmo was in the lead with a small lead and took the Joker on the final lap. His lead wasn’t enough though, and the first lap tactic paid off for Alexander Hus and he took the victory ahead of Killian and Quentin.

The second and final Swedish race had a relatively clean start. Quentin Dall’olmo, Baptiste and Page took the first lap Joker whilst Killian Dall’olmo held the lead. The two brothers were dominating again and the reigning champion, elder brother secured the victory by covering off Quentin with a second lap Joker. It was a disappointing race yet again for Matěja, who found himself bottom of the table – he earlier confessed to spending the majority of his practice time on the rally discipline. Maybe there would be some fight back from the newly crowned rally champ?

Heat 5 and 6 – Bikernieki, Latvia 

The final track in the qualifying segment was the Latvian track of Bikernieki. Tight, technical and twisty – this was going to be a challenge. It’s such a trick first chicane, and almost inevitably there was contact but separately Hus went wide and was unable to rejoin without finding the wall. Matěja was looking strong in this one, leading well at the end of lap one. He might though rue not taking an earlier Joker when the brothers were in traffic. Yet again, the Dall’olmo brothers with Quentin at the top.

Coming into the final qualifying race the brothers had already guaranteed a front-row start in the final but lined up at the back of the grid. Despite a rocketship start, Matěja couldn’t find a way passed his competition and got swallowed by the field. Baptiste earned himself a puncture through some unseen contact that took him out of contention. The big question was whether Quentin or Killian would take the TQ (top qualifier) position. An epic victory, with his brother in 3rd meant the younger sibling (Quentin) took the top spot for the first time in the competition.

Quentin Dall’Olmo French455042455050282
Killian Dall’olmoFrench504545504542277
Alexandre HusFrench384050423840248
Jeffrey PageFrench423939394045244
Lukáš Matěja Czech394238384239238
Dorian BaptisteFrench403840403938235

Final – Silverstone, Great Britain

And for the first time since Speedmachine left us, World Rallycross visited the home of British motorsport. The odds were in the favour of both Quentin and Killian Dall’olmo as they lined up on the front row. It was Hus that got away best from the line from the second row. Matěja made a number of brilliant moves from the back-row to take what was considered to be the lead of the race. There was some slight confusion as it initially appeared that Quentin Dall’olmo was well behind but it was confirmed from his zoom feed he was always in the lead and he appeared back in the game as the leader in the middle of lap 3. The double-title dream was over for Matěja when his wide entry into turn 1 let Killian make a move up the inside and spun at the following corner. Killian and Hus attempted to keep Quentin honest as the laps wound down but it wasn’t enough.

Following some steward investigations, Quentin Dall’olmo was crowned champion ahead of his brother and Alexandre Hus.

Quentin Dall’Olmo French1
Alexandre HusFrench2
Killian Dall’olmoFrench3
Jeffrey PageFrench4
Dorian BaptisteFrench5
Lukáš Matěja Czech6

What an incredible day of racing on DiRT Rally 2.0. We also crowned Lukáš Matěja champion earlier on in on the rally side (which you can watch back here) and then watched Quentin Dall’olmo bring home the championship ahead of his brother.

That’s not it for esports on traxion.gg – plenty more coming soon!

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